Friday, December 15, 2017

Dee Kelly Has Something To Say

Dee’s Canticle 

My soul’s ambition is to magnify the Love my God has shown me. 

How is it possible for me to do anything but rejoice, for my God has done great things for me, leading me through times of such darkness and misery, through grief, through illnesses and fears, up out of isolation and into community. 

There is nothing more holy than God’s name: Love. 

God’s mercy glimmers like a golden thread throughout all history, shining beautifully in the lives of all the people who made their lives a living testament to Love: Alphonsus Rodriguez (the beloved doorkeeper), Pierre Toussaint, Dorothy Day, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Etty Hillesum, Takashi Nagai (mystic of Nagasaki) and countless others, the humble, quiet and unrecognized, and those who live in awe of God’s magnificent creation, recognizing and embodying God’s tender mercies and healing compassion throughout our world. 

The arrogant are brought down from their judgmental hilltops. 

The powerful have been dethroned, the poor and powerless have been shown The Way. 

Those who hunger have been fed with all good things. 

The rich have been sent away to count their money and never be satisfied. 

The God of Infinite Love has remembered the promise made to God’s people, to care for us with unbounded mercy today and every day, until the end of time. 

Deidre Kelly came to St. Francis Xavier 6 years ago and regrets it was not sooner. It has poured MiracleGro onto her spiritual life. She is especially grateful to the friends who work so hard in ISEL (Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life) as well as for the Bible study.  Learning about Ignatian Spirituality has transformed her life and given her a new direction. 

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