Friday, June 9, 2017

Sr. Katie Aucoin Has Something To Say

Theme:  Mystery—a dance in the darkness—a call to Relational Living with God and one another.

                For many relating to the Mystery of the Holy Trinity is about comprehensible as relating to the Triune God.   Many relate to God as One God and One Person; Karl Rahner, one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century, wrote of the Holy Spirit as the “forgotten God” since most of our personal prayer and Liturgical prayer is addressed to the Creator and/or the Redeemer—while the Spirit, sent to be with us always,  is an afterthought; put in prayers at the tail end like our own Gloria in the Liturgy and the Apostles’ Creed which are perfect examples; the Spirit is given a cameo appearance.  So, whether we are Laity or Cleric, the Blessed Trinity is a conundrum for most of us
                But the mystery we encounter today in Holy Trinity Sunday is not something to be understood, figured out, or just “believed in”.  We are called, almost entreated to allow ourselves to experience this Lord who is merciful, gracious, concerned, kind, forgiving, compassionate, life-giving [first reading].  We are invited into mystery every waking day—Creation wakes us with Sunrise, the sweet song of cardinal, and all our winged brethren inviting us to continue our journey through Mystery: 
The birth of a child which engenders in us such tenderness, such love that we find
                ourselves lost in its intermittent coo’s and smiles;
 --the untimely death of one who is dearly loved leaving us feeling gutted,  empty,  feeling raw,
                confused, and lost;
 --hearing the words “I love you” coming from the lips of the one asking to share a
                lifetime with you,
--a friend who can be trusted with your hopes and dreams and anxieties, seeing you
                through failings, allowing you to “do overs”, and loving you for just you.
These are mysteries to be kept and pondered in our hearts.  What are you saying to me, O God, what are telling me, what lesson am I to learn, speak, Lord, here I am waiting for you.

                Religious song-writer, Carey Landry reminds us that in life we are called to ‘dance in the darkness, slow be the pace; surrender to the rhythm of redeeming grace’.   We cannot run through Mystery; it refuses to give up its treasures to ‘the rat race’ or heartless inquiry because Mystery becomes just one more thing on the list of do’s.  Although we sometimes receive insights and “aha!” moments during our busy day, they are but enticing whispers of the Divine luring us to take more time and be still.   Sit…………. Breathe...……….. open yourself and allow Mystery to reveal itself slowly and in its own time—as in the pattern of love.    When we intentionally open ourselves to the Mystery of God we will moved into the darkness and depths; we will not stumble or fall, as we surrender to the rhythm of relationship, of redeeming grace, of growing deeper in trustful living. 

“These things I do for them: I will lead the blind on their journey;
by paths unknown I will lead them; I will turn darkness into light
before them and make crooked ways straight.
And I will not forsake them.” Is 42:15

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