Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What would the Prodigal Daughter say?

Today’s Gospel from Luke, chapter 15, is the parable of the Prodigal Son.

“When we hear about prodigal sinners, however, we ordinarily expect them to be sons, like the figure in the parable. Throughout history, human societies have expected daughters to be more pious than sons, more constant in fulfilling the duties of their faith. “

That statement comes from the Introduction to Prodigal Daughters: Catholic Women Come Home to the Church by Donna Steichen.

Would the parable of the prodigal son work as well if it were a prodigal daughter? 

It Was the Women Who Stayed offers this question to the women of our parish – do you have something to say about this?

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  1. After Mass, I spoke with the homilist and said "If you ever want to feel like a woman in the Catholic Church today, try preaching this Gospel as the Prodigal Daughter." He looked confused, and told me "so true, so true". What that says to me is that he just didn't get it. Thank you, It Was the Women Who Stayed, for posing this question. Let's keep asking questions.